Officers & Staff


President:  Gary L. Colding
The primary duties are to preside over and preserve order at all regular and special meetings. See that all officers with the exception of Business Manager/Secretary Treasurer perform their respective duties.

Vice President:  Johnny S. Hemby II
Primary duties are to assist the President in his duties. In the absence of the President, the Vice President assumes the duties of the President.

Recording Secretary:  Tim A. Rollins
Duties are to keep a record of attendance, records, and minutes of each meeting.

Trustees:   Alan Wade Salter ; Randall E. Smith; Paul L. Patrick
Duties are to inspect financial records and assure that audits are performed by a C.P.A.

Business Manager/Secretary Treasurer:   James Barnes Jr.
Business Manager is responsible for organizing, negotiating, and administering collective bargaining agreements, recruiting, and Local apprenticeship committee. Also in charge of marketing, appointing job stewards, referral of job applicants, and transacting, managing, and directing the affairs of the Lodge between meetings. He oversees the maintenance of Local property, direct office staff, and is a delegate to the International Brotherhood convention.

Secretary Treasurer shall receive and maintain all funds received by the Local. Shall pay all bills for the Local including per-capita to the International Secretary Treasurer, maintain all records, and oversee the distribution of campaign literature.

Donnie L. Smith
Duties are to see that all persons present in Lodge meetings are members in good standings and that Lodge property is properly cared for and preserved. The Inspector shall assist the Chairman in maintaining order.

Executive Board
Consists of the elected officers of the Lodge and acts in an advisory capacity.


Office Manager
Wendy Gamaldo

Referral Officer / Safety Director

Tim Rollins

International Representative
Michael Peterson

M.O.S.T. Leadership Training Instructors
Derin Hunt
Tim Rollins
Gary Viddish

Apprenticeship Administrator
James Barnes Jr.

Apprenticeship Shop Instructor
Palmer Cox

M.O.S.T. Instructors
O.S.H.A. 10 Hr. & 30 Hr.
Shane W. Ferguson
Derin J. Hunt
Cranford L. Kemp
Tim Rollins
Joe R. Rush
Jonathan D. Russell
Gary Viddish
Jeff B. Wray