Member Information

The acceptance of your application is an expression of our belief in your integrity. Being thus honored, it remains for you to conduct yourself as a member, that will reflect credit upon your sponsors and yourself. The organization is composed of members who have for their goal the accomplishment of things that will benefit each individual member, their family, their home, their country, their lodge and our union. Being assured that you are willing to aid us in this work, we welcome you.


Our organization, composed of Boilermakers founded in 1880; Blacksmiths founded in 1889; Stove Mounters founded in 1891; Cement, Lime, and Gypsum Workers founded in 1936; and Metal Polishers founded in 1892, has developed a Brotherhood of members striving for the better things life has to offer by increasing the wages, reducing hours of work, improving working conditions, and providing protection of the rights of the individual by the will of the majority. We also remain ever vigilant in viewing the sacred rights of each member. By doing these things we can provide for the protection of our loved ones when the final summons has been sounded, endeavoring to ease the burden when the path of life is rough. In exercising the tolerance of the frailties of our fellow man, and striving for the advancement of our economic conditions.

It is your duty to become a qualified voter, also to exert your influence to the end that all members of your family and your friends do likewise; and further, that you and they remain ever faithful to your obligation as citizens by voting in all elections. Economic and political freedom is synonymous; it should be a pleasure for you to join with us in the furtherance of these ideals. Whatever value you receive in this organization will be reflected by the effort you put forth to advance our aims. The path of progress is often rough and slow. By the exercise of your patience and stability of purpose, it may be smoothed and hastened.

Membership in this organization is not a right or entitlement it is a commitment that carries with it the burden of knowing your character is measured through your actions, those actions will prove the difference between speaking of union and being union. Every member has the opportunity to step up and help shape the direction and future of our Brotherhood or to stand idly by and criticize, find fault, place blame, all the while refusing to be a part of the solution.

A true Union member will attend meetings, ask what can I do, volunteer, offer constructive direction and be open minded to all of the elements that influence decisions. All members are expected to conduct themselves as a responsible professional on the job. If you do this your leadership will enrich you and this organization.

During your career you will meet many types of people but it all comes down to two types of members those that carry their book and those that expect to be carried by it. Those that carry their books will not be very noticeable, they will be at work every day, on time, perform the task assigned, and through their performance assure that the contractor and owner will welcome our members back on the next project that is awarded to one of our employers. Those that expect to be carried by their book will allow anything and everything to influence their attendance and job performance. Constant complaining about work assignment and belittling those around them that are performing in a responsible, reliable and professional manner is their stock and trade. These same members will champion causes that are detrimental to the membership as a whole but only do it on the job where it is slowing the progress of the job and they can hide behind this as the reason they are not doing their assigned task. This behavior will have an adverse effect on the relationship between us, the employer, and the owner community. If you buy into this mindset you are helping to undermine your own ability to improve the conditions that have a direct impact on you, your family and your union. “Lead by example.”

In Solidarity,

James Barnes Jr.


All members should keep a log of Jobs, Dates, Traveling, Contractor Names and Plant locations for tax filing, benefit contribution verification, and unemployment claims filing. All members are advised to use a tax professional to file taxes due to the availability of deductions and credits that union members and transient workers may qualify for.

Members should always notify the union hall of work-related travel and employment, including dates. This is the only way we can provide you a backup record in the event your personal log is incomplete or lost.